I’m Natalie and I make unique silver keepsakes that capture fingerprints, hand and footprints and so much more in silver. If you place an order online today, or come and visit me at my home or one of my print-taking events, your Smallprint keepsake will be made by me!

Most of my items can be ordered on line. However I do encourage customers to come to one of my events and see my pieces in person. If you would like something from my Original Fingerprint™ range, I will take fingerprints for you so your piece has actually been touched by your loved one. At Smallprint our focus is on making sure you have the best possible experience, print and a truly personal piece that has been touched, so we do not use moulds. Enjoy browsing my site and if you have any questions, do get in touch.

Check out my event listings on the calendar below and click on the event for further details. At each event I will display all my samples and you will have the opportunity to talk to me in detail about exactly what you want. I will be able to take your child's prints for you, making sure you get the best possible print and the perfect keepsake!

If you have a baby or toddler, one of the nicest ways to get your prints taken is to organise a group booking so I can come to your home and take prints. If you gather together a group of your mummy friends, I would be happy to bring all my samples to your home and take prints there.
I like to keep it very informal, so I will set up a small display, introduce the different ranges and then your friends take a leisurely look over coffee and I will take their little one’s prints.
If you host a group booking you will receive up to 25% off your own order. Do contact me if you would like to find out more.

If you are unable to make any of the dates below, drop me an email or pick up the phone and we can organise a time suitable for you to see my work and have prints taken.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Tel: 07855 312377
Email: [email protected]